Digital Theodolites DT 400/ 400L By TOPCON

The Richest Lineup Ensuring Maximum Job Efficiency at Unparalleled Performance Levels

  • Common Features for All Models •2.5” – unsurpassed telescope resolving power* •IP66 – industry’s highest dust/water protection •Absolute encoders •Lightweight •Standard LR6/AA batteries •Up to 170 hours of operating time
  • Exclusive Features for the Laser Models •200m (660ft.) – long-range laser pointer •0.4mm@10m – ultra-small beam spot


About (CBCO) FOIF Pakistan

Chaudhary Brothers & Co. (CBCO) is a Authorized dealer of FOIF (TOPCON-SOKKIA) Corporation. This brand is favorite of World, because it has a maximum Range of Surveying instruments. Suzhou FOIF’s wide range of surveying instruments, including Total Stations, Theodolites, GNSS, Automatic Levels, Digital Levels and Precision Levels. FOIF Pakistan is dedicated to offering the highest quality instrumentation to empower surveyors, engineers and construction companies to meet their goals efficiently and accurately.

About Suzhou FOIF – Digital Theodolites DT 400/ 400L By TOPCON

Suzhou First Optical Instrument Factory was founded in 1958, produced the first 1st grade Optical Theodolite and the first Automatic Level in China in 1968. The first EDM was developed in 1987 and the first Total Station in 1996. FOIF worked successively on the manufacturing and assembly of Wild T2, Leica DI1600 and Sokkia DT2 EDM. FOIF has an advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining center and an established R&D Center for advanced technology research and the creation of new products. Core Station 200 In Pakistan.

It is the first enterprise in China to produce a Total Station using Reflector less Technology. FOIF is a professional enterprise of designing and manufacturing of surveying instruments, construction laser instruments and tools, including GNSS products, Total Station, Electronic Theodolite, Auto-Level, Laser and architecture installing instruments. FOIF was awarded several distinctions and awards by the Chinese Government and several ISO9001 certifications. FOIF has an international sales network, with products exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia.