• Optical Theodolite
  • Magnification: 30x
  • Strong and durable metal casing
  • Tubular plate level: 20”/2mm
  • Can be used with DCH2A ,LEICA ,SOKKIA , TOPCON and PENTAX EDM

Available models:

  • J2-2

J2- 2 Optical Theodolite:

  • For all routine survey work in civil engineering construction, industrial and land surveys such as: Triangulation and traversing, Precise construction, Cadastral surveys, Deformation studies, Optical tooling and laboratory measurements, field astronomy etc
  • Telescope gives a bright, high-contrast erect image
  • Digital reading is quick and error-free
  • Automatic index improves accuracy and simplifies vertical angle measurement
  • A wide range of accessories fits Theodolite to many tasks
  • This instrument can also be used with DCH2A, LEICA, SOKKIA, TOPCON and PENTAX EDM

Standard Accessories:

  • Carrying case
  • Instrument
  • Tool kit
  • Instruction manual
  • Rain cover
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