• Electronic measurement:

Accuracy: ±1.5mm
Range: 2-80m

  • Optical measurement: ±1.5mm
  • Easy one-touch operation, simply push the trigger key
  • Quicker and easier than an optical level. Efficiency increased by 30%
  • The battery could work for more than a week (40 hours); Compact Design
  • Quick height and distance result-the reading is displayed
    almost instantly with measurement
  • Advance compensator checking button

Available models:

  • EL24
  • EL28
  • Available Bar Code Staff: Light compact measuring Tape (B3120),
    Telescopic Aluminum 5m (B2650) and Fixed Height Fiber Glass 2m or 3m (B2620 or B2630)


EL20 Series Digital Level:

  • EL20 digital level is designed with new code processing and auto-leveling technology.
    Its outstanding features make EL20 applied for the 3rd and 4th order leveling and
    construction measurement.
  • EL20 can replace tradition optical level with high quality yet an affordable price
  • Easy one-touch operation with trigger key to get dH and
    HD displayed on screen almost instantly.
  • Enjoy survey work freely
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