• Range: 2-110 m
  • Time for single measurement: ≤ 2s
  • LCD display with illumination
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Automatic height and delta height calculation
  • Optical reading is available
  • Internal memory (3000 points) or SD card for data storage, supports USB and RS-232C ports and Bluetooth (EL03) for data transfer

Available models:

  • EL03
  • Available Bar Code Staff: Light compact measuring Tape (B3120), Telescopic Aluminum 5m (B2650) and Fixed Height Fiber Glass 2m or 3m (B2620 or B2630)

EL03 Digital Level:

  • For measuring range: ≤110m
  • Accuracy EL03: Electronic ≤ ±0.3mm, Optical ≤ ±1.5mm
  • Reliable reading, even in dim light condition
  • Remote control measurement by Bluetooth (EL03)
  • Onboard programs, such as BF, BFFB, BFBF, BBFF, FBBF, stake out, intermediate
  • LCD display presents all important measured data at a glance and shows the next step to take
  • Quicker and easier than an optical level; Easy one-touch operation, simply push the MEAS button
  • Quick height and distance result-the reading is displayed almost instantly with measurement

Standard Accessories:

  • Carrying case
  • Instrument
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Tool kit
  • Instruction manual & CD
  • Communication cable (D30-2200)
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