• Used for high precision positioning
  • Real time deformation monitoring for bridges and high dams
  • Real time disaster monitoring for earthquake and landslide
  • Also used for Educational purposes
  • Fixed position to enable easy positioning
  • Integrated Terminal server using automatic controlling platform with 4U industry standard
  • Data file format: RTCM, CMR, CMR+

A200 CORS Station:

  • Integrated terminal server
  • The terminal server used automatic controlling platform with 4U industry standard
  • Equipped with industry standard GNSS engine (Trimble, NovAtel, Javad...)
  • High precision, stable choke ring antenna
  • UPS battery ensure the system working without any interruption
  • Compatible with other brands GNSS products
  • Multi-reference is possible by combining the existed CORS
  • Wireless signal transmitting is optional

Equipment List:

  • (x1) Choke-ring antenna
  • (x1) Fixing parts for the choke ring antenna
  • (x1) Transfer cable for choke-ring antenna (30m)
  • (x1) A200 Server
  • (x1) Surge-protected socket
  • (x1) UPS battery (Supply by local market)
  • (x1) Controller for UPS battery (1KVA)
  • (x1) Lightning protection equipment
  • (x1) Server software
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